Motor Start WINSO


  • Section : Auto chemicals and cosmetics
  • Category : Сhemicals for the engine
  • Attribute: 820170
  • Option: 12 in box


Motor Start WINSO
Effective agent for fast start of gasoline and diesel engines in the winter period at extremely low temperatures, high humidity, wet spark plugs, low battery level and unsatisfactory fuel quality. Contains special lubricating components and anti-corrosive, anti-slip additives that protect the upper part of the engine’s working cylinders during an emergency start up. Prevents starter and spark plugs from wearing, reduces the load on the battery and the engine during start up. Prolongs battery life. It is used in all diesel and gasoline engines of cars and trucks (carburetors, injectors), including two-stroke (scooters, gasoline generators, trimers, etc.).


Shake well an aerosol bottle. Switch off the ignition. Spray the agent directly into the air filter of the engine or into the air inlet for 5-10 seconds. If necessary, remove the air filter and spray the agent for 1-2 seconds directly to the carburetor itself or to the intake manifold (for injectors and diesel engines). Immediately after that, start the engine. In case of gasoline engine press the gas pedal slightly, if diesel engine - press the gas pedal completely. Do not spray on spark plugs and parts of the heating system. If the engine starts to run unstable, then an additional cyclic (for 1-2 seconds) injection of the agent into the air intake zone can be made to stabilize the revolutions. In this case, the force of pressure on the gas pedal must be minimal to avoid detonation.


Aerosol bottle is under pressure! Avoid heating to + 50°C. Avoid direct sun rays. Keep away from children. Do not spray near open fire. Do not spray on wires that are under voltage. In case of eye contact or swallowing, consult a doctor immediately. The manufacturer is not responsible for the usage of the product not in accordance with the instructions.


Shelf life: 5 years from the date of production (mentioned on the package). Store in a hermetically sealed container at a temperature up to + 50°C.

Additional info

  • Volume 450 ml