Anti-Rust lubricant WINSO 450ml


  • Section : Auto chemicals and cosmetics
  • Category : Multipurpose product
  • Attribute: 820220
  • Option: 24 in box


Anti-Rust lubricant WINSO
Professional pervasive agent for a quick separation of rust, stuck or frozen screwed or cylindrical connections. Thanks to the active components, it allows you to quickly and efficiently disconnect rusted metal parts: bolts, nuts, battery terminals, etc. Includes active components which help to reduce friction, increase corrosion resistance of the metal. Used to lubricate, protect and care for moving surfaces: door hinges, locks, etc. Displaces moisture and improves electrical conductivity. The agent does not harm rubber, wood, plastic, paintwork, chrome-plated surfaces. It is used in both: professional use and at home.


Shake the aerosol bottle. Apply the agent uniformly on surface at distance of 10-15 cm. Wait a few minutes for activation. Repeat the procedure if needed.


Aerosol bottle is under pressure! Avoid heating to + 50°C. Keep away from direct sun rays. Keep away from children. Do not spray near open fire. Do not store next to the ignition source.  In case of eye contact or swallowing, consult a doctor immediately. The manufacturer is not responsible for the usage of the product not in accordance with the instructions.

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of production (mentioned on the package). Store in a hermetically sealed container at a temperature up to + 50°C.

Additional info

  • Volume 450 ml